Who We Are

We are a team of engineers from the Seattle area who came together after a conversation around street racing and illegal vehicle noise keeping us up at night and interfering with our quality of life. After researching the problem, we realized that there was a larger impact to society than we initially suspected. We spent the next few years developing and patenting the first automated vehicle noise enforcement system and are eager to share it with communities seeking to enhance quality of life for all residents. The name Cithaeron comes from a Greek mountain known in legend as “the singing mountain.”

Our Values

We set out as a company to solve vehicle noise pollution in the cities we live in, creating novel technology and building off of big ideas. To accomplish this, we had to create a place that was designed to foster greatness. Our success is made possible from the people we work with – talented, passionate, driven – all committed to pouring our best work into a solution that will positively impact millions of people.

Our goal is to be as open with what we do as possible. We believe in honest and direct feedback, and have an open door policy encouraging respectful discussion and questions by anyone, at any time.

Opinions may differ, challenges to an idea or concept may arise, and tempers may be tested. Through it all, respect for each other is an unwavering tenet which each of us abides by, and encourages in daily interaction.

Building new technology can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. With an eye to the future, we embrace an environment of constant innovation.