The integrated vehicle noise camera for public health

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Cithaeron remotely captures illegal vehicle noise and presents an audio-visual snapshot of the incident to a city representative for citation review. By modifying illegal vehicle noise behavior, cities can create quieter communities and increase quality of life for their residents.

How It Works

Using a combination of camera and microphone technologies, Cithaeron is able to detect illegal vehicle noise from a distance by measuring sound pressure from the offending vehicle. Once captured, a package of the incident is routed to a city approver for review.

Cithaeron provides 24/7 vehicle noise enforcement without the need for patrol officer intervention at the location of the incident.

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Social Accountability

Communities suffer from illegal vehicle noise and residents feel powerless to stop noise violators.

Studies show the impact of illegal vehicle noise on human health, and specifically in underserved communities where the impact is greatest. Our goal is to help modify that behavior and serve those communities by reducing the impact of illegal vehicle noise.

The Importance of Quieter Communities

When we are exposed to illegally loud vehicle noise – aftermarket exhausts, mufflers, sound systems – our bodies react. This causes minor issues like sleep loss and irritability, but can also lead to more serious risks like hypertension, loss of mental acuity, heart disease, and cognitive disabilities in children.

Building a Healthier Future

Reducing illegal vehicle noise in the communities we live in has multiple benefits – some immediately recognizable, and some which may not be apparent from the start – which positively impact health and wellness. A reduction in hypertension can lead to a decreased burden on health care, and improved cognitive function in our children can lead to an overall enhancement of opportunity.

Constituents are aware now, more than ever, of the positive impact which smart city technologies can have on their communities.